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Transforming Overwhelm to Inner Peace of Mind 

while Creating the Financial & Time Freedom That You and Your Family Deserve!!!

Guiding Human Awareness to Soul Purpose
to Live Life in Flow according to YOUR Purpose and Design!

Hello, My name is Ebony (Ebonaire)!

My youngest child is now an adult;

he is 21 years old! 

His diagnoses are: 

Autism, DMDD (Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder),

and Speech Impairment.


I have also raised two other children with ADD and my spouse has ADD as well.


Ebony Davis-Martin

Motivationalist & Intuitive Life Coach

*Are you overwhelmed with life as an Autism Mom?

*Have you lost sight of who you are in being everything to everyone else?

* Does working or the idea of working, and not being available for your family, cause you stress?

* Is maintaining financial stability a challenge?

Holistic Healing For Your Soul!



*Creating time for Self-Renewal and having restful quiet in your mind!

* Setting and accomplishing goals; NOT feeling like there's "never" enough time to get it all done!

*Having sustainable income AND the flexibility & freedom to create a work-life balance that works for your family!

* Feeling worthy of this and more... well, you CAN:

Listen to our Podcast, Sign Up for our 1:1 Coaching Program, and check back often for future Program Offerings! 

You Are Worthy and Worth It!

RENEWED Strength for a RENEWED You!

We're Transforming Caregiver Overwhelm into

Inner Peace of Mind!

You are NOT alone!



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