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Transforming Overwhelm to Inner Peace of Mind 

while Creating the Financial & Time Freedom That You

and Your Family Deserve!!!

Guiding Human Awareness to Soul Purpose
to Live Life in Flow according to YOUR Purpose and Design!


Ebony Davis-Martin

Motivationalist & Intuitive Life Coach

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Hello, My name is Ebony (Ebonaire)!

I am a mother of 3 adult children

(22, 23, and 28 years old). 

My youngest is diagnosed with

Autism and Bipolar/DMDD.


My two oldest children & my spouse manage symptoms of ADHD.

*Are you overwhelmed with life as an Autism Mom?

*Have you lost sight of who you are in being everything to everyone else?

* Does working or the idea of working, and not being available for your family, cause you stress?

* Is maintaining financial stability a challenge?

Holistic Healing For Your Soul!



*Creating time for Self-Renewal and having restful quiet in your mind!

* Setting and accomplishing goals; NOT feeling like there's "never" enough time to get it all done!

*Having sustainable income AND the flexibility & freedom to create a work-life balance that works for your family!

* Feeling worthy of this and more... well, you CAN:

Listen to our Podcast, Sign Up for our 1:1 Coaching Program, and check back often for future Program Offerings! 

You Are Worthy and Worth It!

RENEWED Strength for a RENEWED You!

We're Transforming Caregiver Overwhelm into

Inner Peace of Mind!

You are NOT alone!



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